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All students are advised to remain away from campus as their individual circumstances allow until classes resume...

Learn more about student services affected by coronavirus here.

During your college career, you will make many choices. One of those choices will be how you spend your time outside the classroom. The office of Student Affairs is your starting point to experience the full effect of what it means to be #WeArePanhandle. Whether it’s assisting through the enrollment process, offering unique opportunities for your educational experience or giving overall information for when, where and how to be involved on campus, we are here for you!

The educational experience at Oklahoma Panhandle State encompasses both classroom and extra-curricular learning opportunities where students can mature in a safe and candid environment. As a student, your active participation in a wide array of educational, cultural, recreational and social programs will determine the richness of your collegiate experience.

Student Affairs consists of the following offices and programs to help students:

  • Resident Life, found in the Student Union
  • University Housing, found in the Student Union
  • Campus Safety, found in the Student Union
  • Current student parking decals and IDs are provided in the Student Affairs Department, in the Student Union
  • Wellness and fitness programs are provided through the Noble Center

Every student at Panhandle State has worth and a place to express oneself without ridicule. It is our desire to teach from experience and commend cultural differences through active engagement.The Student Affairs office is in the Student Union Building, room 10. We can assist you with the following:

  • Housing
  • Resident Life
  • Vehicle Parking Decals
  • Student and Employee IDs
  • Title IX
  • Campus Events
  • Student Government Association

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct outlines University policies and procedures that all students are expectedto adhere to during their time at Oklahoma Panhandle State University.

View the Student Code of Conduct (PDF)

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OPSU is excited to partner with TouchNet OneCard to offer a new ID card system for added functionality across campus. To access and use your Aggie Campus ID, please view the Guide for Installing OneCard.

Learn more about Aggie Campus ID

These forms allow an item to be placed on the University Calendar as well as to reserve all necessitiesfor a campus event like the room, equipment, food services, etc. The Facility and Event CoordinationForm is to be used to schedule other rooms on campus and to add an item to the calendar if a room isnot needed.

All events, regardless of room locations, should go through the reservation process. If the roomrequested is already in use for the date and time you have selected, you will be notified that a changeneeds to be made. Also, if an event does not go through the reservation process, it may not appear onthe University Calendar.

Request Facilities

Publicity about your event for local and area media outlets can be shared with University Relations byusing this form

Marketing Request


It is the policy of both Title IX and Oklahoma Panhandle State University to prohibit discriminationbecause of age, race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, veterans’ status ordisability for equal employment and educational opportunities without merit.

Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination and therefor prohibited under Title IX. Sexualharassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal orphysical conduct of a sexual nature. The following are examples of types of conduct that may constitutesexual harassment:

  • Inappropriate touching, patting, or pinching
  • Physical assault or coerced sexual activity
  • Demands or subtle pressure for sexual favors
  • Obscene phone calls, texts, email, or gestures

Any person (student, faculty, staff or visitor) who believes that discriminatory practices have beenengaged in based upon gender may discuss these concerns and file informal or formal complaints ofpossible violations of Title IX with the Title IX Coordinator. A complaint should be filed as soon aspossible, preferably within 180 calendar days of the incident. A complaint can be filed in person in theStudent Union Building, Room 10.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination ineducation. It reads:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be deniedthe benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receivingfederal financial assistance.”

-- Legal Citation: Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and its implementing regulation at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 (Title IX)


Duties and Responsibilities: The Title IX Coordinator oversees monitoring of University policy in relationto Title IX law developments; implementation of grievance procedures, including notification,investigation, and disposition of complaints; provision of educational materials and training for thecampus community; conducting and/or coordinating investigations of complaints received pursuant toTitle IX; ensuring a fair and neutral process for all parties; and monitoring all other aspects of theUniversity's Title IX compliance. Please direct all Title IX questions or complaints to:
Photograph of Harris, Michael
Harris, Michael
Title: Dean of Student Affairs / Title IX Coordinator / Instructor of Business Administration
Office: SUB 10
Phone: 580.349.1362
Email: Email Web Form

At the heart of Panhandle State heritage is fall homecoming. The local communities, Panhandle Statealumni, current students, faculty and staff, in addition to prospective students join in celebrating the#WeArePanhadle family. Homecoming events vary but traditionally the homecoming parade floatcompetitions, Panhandle Royalty, and door decorating competitions are annual events.

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Photograph of Harris, Michael
Harris, Michael
Title: Dean of Student Affairs / Title IX Coordinator / Instructor of Business Administration
Office: SUB 10
Phone: 580.349.1362
Email: Email Web Form
Photograph of Strain, Brailey
Strain, Brailey
Title: Student Events Coordinator
Office: SUB 1
Phone: 580.349.1359
Email: Email Web Form
Photograph of Estrada, Dalia
Estrada, Dalia
Title: Grant Program Coordinator
Office: ML 108C
Email: Email Web Form