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OPSU is a baccalaureate degree granting institution located in Goodwell, Oklahoma. General governance of the institution is in the hands of theBoard of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. Academic programs and financial supportare authorized and coordinated through the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.


Rooted in “Progress through Knowledge,” OPSU is committed to promoting excellence in the preparation ofstudents for success in a global community.


Oklahoma Panhandle State University, a national leader among regional universities, will empower its learners and community through the cultivation of lifelong opportunities.



We are held accountable to maintain ethical practices.


We embrace and support our diverse cultures.


We seek continuous improvement opportunities.


We operate as a center for educational and cultural opportunities.


We are stewards in the conservation of our resources


Provide excellence to all stakeholders.

Through empowerment, innovation, access, and student centered support Panhandle State will shape lifelonglearners and improve student outcomes.

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Engagement, partnerships, and collaboration will empower Panhandle State to cultivate all resources responsibly.

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Provide comprehensive student experience focused on promoting excellence across each student’s academiccareer to graduation and beyond.

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Improve the quality of life and transform the communities we serve through engagement and partnerships.

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    The Oklahoma Panhandle State University Strategic Plan is the result of aprocess involving campus leaders, faculty, staff, students, and communitymembers at every stage to involve diverse voices and create a cohesiveand representative plan for the future of the university.

    The Strategic Planning Council was formed through nominations by Academic Deansand departmental directors and was comprised of faculty, staff, students, andcommunity representatives selected from existing advisory committees. The Councilleadership, a group of 5 faculty members appointed by the academic administration,researched the historical mission and vision of the university. The council leadershipcreated working definitions and began the process of revising the existing plan.

    The first draft of their plan went before the broader council at the Spring 2018Strategic Planning Kickoff where President Dr. Tim Faltyn provided the vision for theprocess and facilitated the early discussions regarding the plan. The StrategicPlanning Council appointed team chairs and created committees to continue workon the plan for submission in Summer 2018 for comment by the Council beforeassembling the draft plan for the whole university committee.

    The new draft Strategic Plan went before the university and community for comment.Input was collected over the semester and drove additional changes to the plan. TheCouncil leadership, in consultation with the Office of Institutional Research andAssessment, created a draft of Key Performance Indicators for assessing progress.

    The Key Performance Indicators Scorecard was presented to the universitycommunity for comment and refinement. Input gathered over the semesterprovided insight into measuring success. The process of creating baseline databegan, and conversations about targets began with council leadership and relevantcommittees.

    OPSU Administration Leadership presented the Strategic Plan to the Oklahoma StateUniversity A&M Board of Regents for approval. The Strategic Planning Documentswere compiled for deployment on the university website in Fall 2019